Our wines

Ycoden Daute Isora wines stand out in quality thanks to the experience granted by the prolonged wine tradition of this area of ??the island, but above all, as a result of the efforts of winemakers and winemakers. Men and women who have taken advantage of the great potential of our native varieties, and who have endeavored to introduce the most modern technologies with enormous wisdom to make wines full of personality.

The region is especially known for its famous white wines, which it produces in a wide range, but pink and red wines are increasingly well known, which have undergone a surprising evolution in quality in recent years.

The wines that we produced currently are:

Classic Malvasias:
They have a minimum alcohol content of 14% and a slightly golden and bright color. The nose has floral, fruity, citrus, dried apricots, aromas of high quality and fineness, intense and persistent. In the mouth they are very soft, balancing well the sweet and acidic sensations. Both their alcoholic graduation and their sugars are due to the over-ripening of grapes, being wines that by their characteristics are considered naturally sweet.

Traditional reds:
With a minimum alcohol content of 11.5%, these wines are characterized by their cherry red color with violet tones, have a good layer and are bright and vivid. Its aroma is intense and fruity, rich in nuances reminiscent of red fruits. In the mouth they are dry, with good structure, balanced in their components and slightly tannic, having a very pleasant and persistent finish.

Dry whites:
Its minimum alcohol content is 11% vol. It has a pale yellow, transparent and bright color. With typical aromas of the variety in which aniseed and floral notes stand out. In the mouth they have good structure and are wide, tasty, alive and very elegant.

Semi-dry whites:
Its minimum alcohol content is 11% vol. They are pale yellow, transparent, and bright wines. The nose has floral aromas of good quality and fineness, intense and persistent. In the mouth they are soft, and with a good balance between sweet and acidic sensations.

Its minimum alcohol content is 11’5%. Violet pink, they look clean and bright. The aromas are intense and very clean, with fruity tones of tropical pineapple and strawberry. In the mouth they are wide, alive and fresh, but with very persistent and tasty body and consistency, with hints of strawberries.

Reds in barrel:
Its minimum alcohol content is 11.5% of its volume. They are presented with an attractive cherry red color, covered and alive, with violet tones. They are clean and bright and have a powerful, fruity aroma with wooden notes. In the mouth they have a good constitution, and are vigorous, broad and full-bodied, having an expressive, long and persistent finish.

White fermented in barrel:
With a minimum alcohol content of 11% vol., They have a pale yellow color and a clean and bright appearance. They have fine aromas of fruits such as grapefruit and lemon, as well as smoked notes of wood. In the mouth they are fruity, glyceric, broad, with well-combined oak notes and a magnificent structure, with a perfect balance between their youth characteristics and the aromas of good wood.

Red Carbonic Maceration:
With a minimum alcoholic strength of 11.5% they are wines to which their particular elaboration gives a cherry red color with very marked violet edges; well covered and alive, clean and bright. They have a very intense and fruity aroma, mainly raspberry and currant, highlighting in the mouth its balance and an elegant tannic final touch. They have a long persistence with fruit memories.

Crianza wines:
Wines of complex aromas reminiscent of wood, vanilla, toasted and fruity. In the mouth they leave wide sensations.


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