Last week took place the constitutive session of the Plenary of the Regulatory Council after completing the electoral process to renew it

THURSDAY 28.06.2018 Last week the constitutive session of the Plenary of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin of Ycoden Daute Isora Wines was held, after completing the ordinary electoral process of renewal of its members, in a process supervised by the Canary Institute of Agrifood Quality (ICCA) of the Canary Islands Government.

In the course of the same took office as President, renewing the position, Guillermo Caldentey, representative of the wine sector. He is accompanied as Vice President, Luis López de Ayala, also on behalf of the wine sector; Secretary, Juan Jesús Méndez Siverio (Bodegas Viñátigo) and as Treasurer, José Carlos Pérez (Viña La Guancha), who joins this position for the first time.

The remaining plenary vocals are made up of Francisco Javier Gómez (Bodegas Aceviño), Roberto Santana (Envinate) and José Sosa (Tenerife Wineries) for the wine sector, representing the wine sector Alexis Pérez, Pedro Álvarez and José Eugenio Alonso.

This culminates an electoral process that will give rise to what will be the fifth term of this Denomination of Origin established in 1994, which assigns 13 wineries and 415 winemakers in the region. These have been an election marked by unity and dialogue, in which as a result a single consensus list has been presented and in which the fluidity of the process has been a faithful reflection of the work carried out in previous years.

Ycoden Daute Isora

The winemaking tradition of Ycoden Daute Isora is consubstantial with the history of the Islands itself and has conditioned the customs, landscape, history, art and culture of the area. The common effort of the wine growers who struggle every day to maintain centuries-old crops with traditional grape varieties of the Islands together with the introduction of modern driving systems and cultivation techniques, allow to obtain a higher quality raw material and the best yields in their harvests