From February to July 2019, check the 2nd Promotion of the Sommelier Course of the Wine Campus, organized by the PDO Ycoden Daute Isora in collaboration with the PDO Canary Islands-Canary Wine.

This 250-hour training has allowed students to discover the world of both regional and national and international viticulture.

The 25 students of this promotion attended the face-to-face classes of renowned experts from the world of wine and other disciplines, such as cheeses, honey, oil, spirits, waters, etc., to address the broad spectrum of knowledge and skills required this profession.

The teaching staff was made up of renowned professionals from the wine sector nationally and internationally, such as: Juan Jesús Méndez, José Eugenio Alonso, Iván Monreal, Joaquín Galvéz, Juancho Asenjo, Guillermina Sánchez-Cerezo, Ricardo Oteros, Paco Del Castillo, Javier Gila, Pascal Privat, David Seijas, Ruth Lozano, Zoa Hernández, Esther Domínguez, Tanaira Rodríguez, Giuseppe Claudio Salerno and Angela Mori Pérez.