Baboso Negro

Limbo shape: pentagonal.
Aspect of limbo: wavy.
Number of lobes: none.
Shape of the teeth: short concave.
Beam color: dark green.
Petiole length: very short.
Petiolar sinus shape: open.
Shape of the base of the petiolar sinus: in V.

Number of clusters per branch: 2
Size: very small
Length: very short.
Compactness: compact
Peduncle length: very short.

Short length.
Shape: elliptical
Cross section: circular.
Color of the epidermis: blue-black.
Pruina: weak.
Skin thickness: thin.
Navel: apparent.
Pulp coloring: not colored.
Pulp succulence: juicy.
Pulp consistency: soft.
Particular flavors: none.
Pedicel length: very short.